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Dear our travel agents and guests all over the world

If you plan to make a nice trip to EGYPT. It will be risky if you didnít make it with a well established and experienced operator. A good operator will help you to enjoy your stay in EGYPT because he ensures a perfect operation of your program .
We are one of the leading travel agents in Egypt offering all kinds of services in tourism.

We also offer a new conception of tourism like

  • Classic Tourism but in a different way matches with the modern life in Egypt and that make our guests enjoy the ancient Egypt in the all historical places he will visit to see how the magnificent life was in Egypt and to also enjoy the modern life specially that Egypt has built new cities and beach resorts in the last ten years so that our guests will find how are these two kinds of life make Egypt different and special .

  • Sports Tourism which means the Golf Sport in more than twelve golf area in the shadow of Pyramids , Alexandria and Hurghada . also we have Squash Sport where Egypt become one of the leaders who run this sport in the world . and also the Horse Racing Sport you have to know that Egypt is one of the best country in this sport since a long time ago .

  • Conference Tourism we manage it successfully through halls qualified with a perfect networks .

  • Treatment Tourism in the red sea which have a lot of natural reserves where you can find with us the treatment of the body because of the nature which means the warm water which have plenty of different minerals and salts and also because of the perfect climates where you can find warm sun all the year . and that is not all but also because of very advanced hospitals which full of professional doctors.

  • Safari Tourism in the deserts of Egypt where the life is different from life in town away from crowded and noisy life and where you can make and enjoy hunting.

  • Famous Restaurants like oriental , classic and floating on the Nile restaurants offering all kinds of food to all kinds of different nationalities besides of course the delighted famous Egyptian food .

  • Modern Vehicles between 11 and 50 seats covering different places around all Egypt these vehicles are comfortable and air conditioned driven by high experienced drivers

ARCADIA TOURS keeps the top secret of the magic way which help you enjoying your vacation in Egypt and this magic way means speaking guides of all languages , high trained transfer men and professional men in making your stay very comfortable Make your dream of visiting EGYPT comes true with one of the best tour operator ARCADIA TOURS Who will let you spend a vacation you will never ever forget and will make it remain in your memory to be told to your grand sons

A word of welcome from chairman of Arcadia Tours:


I have a great pleasure to welcome all our guests in Egypt wishing to them A nice vacation in Egypt with ARCADIA TOURS and looking for their complete satisfaction

For all the services offered we consider all our guests are not just guests but actually are Partners with us in making successful tourism services .

I want to take the chance to invite all travel agents and all our guests to visit Egypt specially Those who need a special care I tell them all please donít hesitate to come . with ARCADIA TOURS you will get the all car you expect .

For any requires please donít hesitate to contact us
You are always welcome any time .

General Manager
Mohamed Salah